Hambleden Parish Council comprises nine councillors and one salaried part-time Parish Clerk. We meet on the 2nd Monday of every month (except in August) with the venue rotating between the village halls of Frieth, Hambleden and Skirmett. Meetings start at 7.30pm and usually last around two hours. All meetings are open to members of the public and there is an opportunity for the public to raise matters of concern towards the start of each meeting. The meeting in May is preceded by annual parish and council meetings.

Councillors serve for four years, with elections normally coinciding with those for the Unitary Authority. If a vacancy arises during the term of a parish council, it may be filled through either a by-election or co-option. By-elections are triggered if, following the advertisement of the vacancy for 14 days, 10 electors send a written request to the returning officer. If no request is received, the parish council will be required to fill the vacancies by co-option.

Our parish councillors are unpaid and do not represent any particular political party.

skirmett sign post

Traditional-style sign post paid for by the Parish Council

Division of Responsibilities

A parish council represents the first tier of local government. The second tier is the District Council and the top tier is the County Council (In some areas, District and County Councils are replaced by a single Unitary Council – this will happens here in April 2020, when the four District Councils in Buckinghamshire, together with Bucks County Council will be replaced by a unitary authority, to be known as Buckinghamshire Council).

Each tier of local government has different responsibilities and it is sometimes confusing for residents to know who to approach with regard to different services. Some services that were carried out by the District Council are being devolved to parish councils. Our activities can be said to fall into three main categories: representing the local community; delivering services to meet local needs; striving to improve quality of life and community well-being. The roles of a parish council can be many and various.

Briefly, here are what each council provides (NB this listing is not exhaustive; for full details see links to the Councils here):

Hambleden Parish Council
Bus Shelters
Commenting on planning applications
Giving small grants for community projects
Litter bins
Maintenance of commons
Maintenance of footpaths and some verges
Maintenance of Hambleden churchyard
Road safety measures
Street lighting
War memorials 
Buckinghamshire Council
Council Tax and Business Rates
Housing benefit
Leisure and cultural facilities
Parking and car parks
Permits and licencing
Pest Control
Planning and building control
Tree management
Waste & recycling bin collection 
Buckinghamshire Council
Blue Badges
Bus Passes
Hedges and verges
Public Health
Recycling Facilities
Registration of births, marriages and deaths
Roads, pavements and footpaths
Salt bins
Social Care
Street Signs