Planning applications are submitted to the Buckinghamshire Council and the outcome is determined by their Planning Officer or Planning Committee. Their decision will be based on the provisions within the Local Development Plan and National Planning Policy. You can find guidance by visiting the following links:

In addition to planning permission, certain works will also need to meet current Building Regulations. 

Listed Buildings and properties within Conservation Areas may be subject to further regulations. Note that works carried out on trees may require planning permission, particularly where a tree (or trees) is subject to a Tree Preservation Order or is situated within a Conservation Area.

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee and is notified of all planning applications in our area. These will be assessed by Parish Councillors and will appear as agenda items at Council meetings where they may be debated. Parish Councillors may make site visits if deemed necessary. Where we choose to submit a response to the District Council, our comments will be available through Buckinghamshire Council's planning portal. We have produced a Planning Policy Statement as a guide for our Councillors when assessing planning applications.