Adams Wood - Frieth

Published: 23 January 2024

As you may know the Woodland Trust is the UK's largest woodland conservation charity and we own and manage the beautiful Adams Wood in Frieth. Woodland management operations will be taking place at Adams Wood which may be of interest to residents within the parish.
Trees within Adams Wood have been identified as having unsafe features, infected by ash dieback or have been selected for thinning as part of woodland management. We understand that the removal of trees within a woodland can be a cause for concern. The thinning of trees is a common woodland management practice and when facilitated correctly allows for structural and species diversity, as light levels are managed to encourage natural regeneration.
A felling license has been obtained by the Forestry Commission and all work is undertaken outside of bird breeding season. The trees will be felled and later extracted from the woodland when conditions allow. These operations are to be carried out this February, weather permitting. Prior notice of the work will be displayed on site, including signage and diversions for visitors when the work is taking place.
Find Adams Wood on our website here: Adams Wood - Visiting Woods - Woodland Trust
We know many people share our love for Adams Wood and we hope this information is helpful. Like all our woods, Adams Wood is open free to the public for informal enjoyment every day. 

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